"The office staff was courteous & professional. The wait time was minimal. The doctor, attentive. Thank you for the excellent service!"

- Nydia

"I am very happy for your service, your team, your staff, [especially] the doctor. Thank you again. God Bless!

- Elcie S.

"My experience with your staff has been amazing. They are kind and very professional in the worst of times for me. You are very blessed to have a team that always has a smile and listening ear for your patients. May God Bless. Thanks a lot."


"I thank God for Dr. Charles-Harris. I was diagnosed with Stage II Cancer in my right breast and Dr. Harris did the surgery to remove the lump and two lymph nodes and found more cancer, so he performed a miracle and removed all the cancer by the Grace of God. Thank you Dr. Harris and Thank God!"

- Delia A

"I would like to thank Dr. Harris and his excellent staff. I had, for 7 years, an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm and had been his patient for a long time. He is an excellent doctor who was observing this condition until it came time for surgery. He repaired this condition with a stent. The recovery was fast - few days with non-invasive surgery. I recommend this surgery, but specifically our Dr. Harris who is the surgeon of our family and friends. Thank you Dr. Harris!"

- Edna J.

"It was my pleasure to meet Dr. Harris and the staff. Everybody was pleasant and I will recommend the office as very efficient. God bless you all!"

- Carmelo G.

"I have [a] great experience when coming to the office. The staff make me feel comfortable. They explain everything so you can understand what you're going through. I will recommend them to anyone!"

- Kathy A.

"I think the service here is wonderful! The staff is very nice and kind [and] treat with love. Dr. Harris is very gentle, treats and gives the patient the utmost respect and makes you feel like a real human being, not just a patient. Thank you Dr. Harris & Staff!"

- Eddya W.

"Joann Bazos went for her annual breast mammogram....the results didn't look too good and she [had to] go back and get a spot digital mammogram and a sonogram.  The results came back...that there was a [likely] cancerous growth on her right breast. We did not know whom to turn to so we asked Dr. Riva [her PCP]. She recommended Dr. Håkan Charles-Harris. We brought all our paperwork that we had to see Dr. Harris. A biopsy was performed on her right breast and other tests were taken at the hospital. After all these tests were completed we proceeded to go back to Dr. Harris' office where he explained that there was a 1.5cm mass in her right breast and it was cancerous. Dr. Harris explained that she had two options: one was a complete removal of her right breast and the second option was a partial removal of the cancerous mass. Joann selected the second option.

It would be an in and out operation done on [the] same day and later in the afternoon Mr. Bazos was [called up by] Dr. Harris who gave him the OK sign that everything was all right. What a relief that was to me! Dr. Harris inserted a Mammosite device in her right breast for radiation therapy that [would] be perfomed that following week. Before going to radiation therapy Dr. Harris examined her to make sure everything was all right. Joann then went to G. Gordon Griffith Cancer Center twice a day [for 5 days and then] removed the Mammosite device. Dr. Harris examined Joann and told her that everything looked good and follow-up exams will be forth coming to see her progress. 

Dr. Håkan Charles-Harris recommended that Joann see a medical oncologist. He told her that she should get a bone density test to see if the radiation therapy did any damage to her bone cells (calcium.) She did get that test and everything was negative. 

Dr. Harris told Joann for the next 3 years she would be taking a breast mammogram twice a year as a preventative measure. Joann and her husband William Bazos say that all women should examine themselves and have their annual breast mammogram. Also, if there are any questions on the results they should immediately see their doctor.

Dr. Harris' staff was excellent and professional in all matters concerning my wife's breast health. Everyone is to be commended on an excellent job. Thank you Dr. Håkan Charles-Harris and your staff. We will be seeing you periodically!" 

- William & Joann B.

The care that I received from Dr. Charles-Harris was very nice......every time I needed help they were there for me. Everyone in the office was very professional and caring. I would recommend Dr. Charles-Harris to anyone who needs his services. Thank you all!

- Nicole B.

My experience [has been] wonderful. At times when you think that you are very ill, [it] is good to have caring people taking care of you. Dr. Charles-Harris is very professional. I'm very pleased to be referred to him. Thank you Doctor & Staff!

- Eva P.

I live in Ocho Rios, Jamaica where I operate Evita's Italian restaurant and, for the last few years have been complaining about not being able to walk as the legs would start hurting. Lately the distances I could walk became shorter and shorter.The pains to my legs did not get better and finally, Dr. Tulloch-Reid of the Caribbean Heart Institute in Kingston, Jamaica, suggested I see Dr. Charles-Harris. The appointments...for further tests and intervention [were] sheduled close together so that I would not have to travel from Jamaica to Miami twice. I was met by the friendlist [staff] any fear I could have had was dissipated by the attention to detailed explanation about my condition and solution given to me. I am now back in Jamaica, running my restaurant with a NEW ATTITUDE and a brand new SPRINT in my steps and LIFE! I am so HAPPY, thank you!

- Eva M.