With over 20 years of surgical experience, including minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Charles-Harris serves as the Medical Director of the new Comprehensive Breast Institute at North Shore Medical Center. His Medical Directorship of the Breast Institute serves as an integral part of his goal in raising the standards of healthcare, and in particular, breast cancer awareness. With over 3,000 breast procedures performed in the last 5 years, Dr. Charles-Harris brings expertise and high standards to the Comprehensive Breast Institute.

The Comprehensive Breast Institute at North Shore Medical Center is focused on breast care including prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast conditions through compassionate and coordinated care. We provide screening, early detection, technology offering some of the most advanced diagnostic imaging services, specialist consultation for a full spectrum of breast conditions, and access to breast cancer treatment in an all-inclusive, warm and caring environment. 

Breast Surgeon

On-site radiologist specializing in breast imaging

Breast trained physician assistants

Patient Navigator

Certified breast imaging technologies

Rehabilitation/physical therapy specialist

Digital mammography

Breast ultrasound

Bone density testing

Sterotactic core biopsy

Ultrasound guided core biopsy

Breast cyst aspiration

Needle localizations and Sentinel lymph node biopsy

Breast cancer risk assessment

To schedule a mammogram, breast ultrasound, breast biopsy, or to learn more about breast health, please call 305.835.6160

Pictures from within the Comprehensive Breast Institute at North Shore Medical Center